Taber Calderon

Open Borders

The idea of the poster is to represent freedom of movement.


Hua Wei

Global warming

A chimney blowing black smoke … it is causing global warming.


Moritz Borchardt


The “Zeitgeist” poster was created in response to the news headlines from several online newspapers one day in October 2017. When scrolling through news portal sites, the discrepancy between positive and negative, important and unimportant news is incredibly large. On some days, this rapid change of moods causes discomfort. On other days, it triggers a state of indifference.


Lara Dähne

Wanderer above the Missiles

A seemingly idyllic landscape painting turns out to be a destructive nuclear weapon test by the youngest dictator in the world. The North Koreans are constantly launching new nuclear and missile tests. One wonders when the nuclear arms race will finally come to an end.



Lena Christ


This poster is meant to visualize typical migraine pain.

Disturbances of the visual field (flickering before the eyes, flashes of light, blurred vision) are very common. Aside from this speech problems can occur. This is caused by disturbed signal transmission in the brain. Like an electric pulse a wave of disturbance is shot from a single across the cerebral cortex.

The letters M-I-G-R-A-I-N-E are reconstructed to create cuts, doublings and displacements. This is meant to recreate the feeling of migraine attack for anyone looking at the poster.



Leah Wei

Pinocchio for President

 Say something truthful Donald, your nose is getting awfully long…


Sarah Göbels


Tolerance doesn’t equal acceptance. It doesn’t require respect, empathy or a change of perspective, but rather indicates an imbalance of power. The tolerated person is being silenced. They are labelled.


Xinyi Guo

Karl Marx

Karl Marx analyzed that the capitalist mode of production is driven by greed and creates injustice. Capitalists never learned their lesson.


Alexander Richter

Out of sight, out of mind

Every year we produce 35 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. China is still the worst of all countries regarding these emissions. After that come the USA, India, Russia, Japan and Germany. But what we don’t see, doesn’t worry us.


Rasim Sarikaya

To Peace!

The symbols are relative. Different functions can be named depending on where and how they are used. Sometimes a symbol has no meaning to someone. In the same way, concepts are relative too. Sometimes they’re not even concepts, they’re only words. Such as “Peace”.


Roland Straller

Animal Farms

The Wiesenhof brand uses the image of a small country house on a green field, with a few trees, to promote their products. It is meant to sell the idea of idyllic farms and happy chickens. Through extensive marketing the brand is very well-known in Germany, calling itself “the #1 poultry brand”. Every third chicken eaten is from Wiesenhof. The PHW-Group, which owns Wiesenhof, is the #1 animal exploitation company in Germany, and third largest in Europe regarding chicken farming, poultry raising and chicken slaughter. Every week this group slaughters around 4,5 million chickens.



Manuel Gensheimer

Reality reminder

This poster is a quick reminder in the name of reality.
Lift your head and cross the thin line between screen life and real life. You won’t regret it.


Sonja Hilfinger

Take a Pill

This poster shows the dependence of teens and young adults to social media. Services such as Facebook, Twitter und Co. have become an addiction, and seem to be increasingly seen as a requirement to live our lives.


Tim Sonntag

Angela, the hustle is real.

It doesn’t matter if it‘s about the formation of government, another move toward police state or the amendment about same sex marriage, Angela Merkel is always up for surprises.


Mario Kupcevsky

Maybe it’s yourself?/(Blame Loop)

We like to blame others, but… Everyone else is poisoning the environment, but… I’m not going to stop flying log distance, drinking from plastic cups, or get rid of my car. (It’s often the right-wing that loves to place the blame on others, and get offended when their own hypocrisy is unmasked).


Marcel Réz


The poster reflects the inequality between social classes. In this dog-eat-dog world, whoever is wealthier and has a bigger influence reigns over those who are inferior, and the “superiors” can enforce their rights more easily against the others, thus keeping them suppressed.


Abdelhamid Ameur

Gender Cake Gap

 I mean –  who doesn’t like cake?


Erendida Mancilla

The Scream H2O

The theme of the poster is water as the most important natural resource and the basis for all life. It is a wake-up call about pollution and abuse in the use and consumption of this natural resource. If we do not take care of the water and continue the current trend this natural resource will have been consumed or will be so polluted that it will become practically useless. It is a scream for help.


Jonas Wolff


BILD is a german newspaper, known for its unmistakable style of headlines. By using the same corporate identity, this poster shows the functioning of BILD: The sensationalistic articles are aiming to incite fear in society.


Yves Haltner

World Champion

The soccer World Cup ist becoming increasingly tainted by all the scandals, leaving the real celebration in the shadows. The champion are tose with wealth, who play with the world – not the ball.


Karolina Bloch


This poster is about complexity of freedom nowadays. We must think when and how our actions affect others sense of freedom.



Artur Steinke


With our Devices we are just one click lick away from the Instant gratification,  the problem is we are trapped in this loop. Be Independent, Be the Change.


Ladina Ingold

Climing Warmat

Hot spring, grey summer, frosty autumn, mild winter? Due to global climate warming, seasons shift.


Dennis Fechner

Poster to increase the voter participation

The main element of the poster is a gradient which uses all the main political parties colors. These are Patres which have already been part of the German government, and have a good chance of becoming pat of it again. Above the gradient stands „Wähl:“, which means “vote:”. The way the colors fade into each other is meant to symbolize the overlapping political ideals of each party.


David Jimenez

Hasta la Visa Baby

Sometimes our dreams are terminated, just like that, because we don’t have that requirement called VISA.


Mohammad Mehdi


In the world every day many women are harassed and sexually abused, but they are silent for improper judgments​.


Ivan Silva


The aim of the poster is to raise awareness about the risks of one of the most commonly used digital tools. This risk is caused by the lack of information about data security. Even people with a higher knowledge, the security of digital security is ignored. At some point, a multitude of users seem to be through user-friendly design. By rearranging the letters of the original, the design has been configured to give an erroneous view in a certain way to an observer – a warning sign that a irresponsible collection of data can be used in a dangerous way, especially for minorities.


Tanya Teibtner

Climate Change

Guilt is always the others. Here you can see the four most influential countries in the world (China, the United States of America, Germany and Russia) and how they deal with climate change.


Vinicio Sejas

Be my wife, be my slave

An idea about forced marriage, sexual slavery and gender domination.


Leandra Kleber

In your head

A little voice in our head. We trust it, as we feel it is our own. It knows what we want, what we need, what’s right and wrong. It seems we have made up our own mind, relying on the “independent” and “trustworthy” information network Facebook. Though it is merely an echo-chamber created by algorithms, which constantly gives us this affirmation.

Who uses facebook anyway?

1,4 billion daily active users, and 2,2 billion users in total. That’s more than a quarter of all people alive. In Europe and the US it makes up half the population. This enormous potential of influence is not only abused commercially, but also for political propaganda and manipulation.