Laurent Schmit

A Trap into Nature

The plot of the poster is the pollution, more specifically, the car exhaust. The unique ambiguity of the (german) title leaves no doubt who the « bad guy » is.


Özhan Yurtseven


Fake news is being a puppet of an unkown.


Olivier Ploux

Social Media and Pollice Verso

My poster is a diversion of the famous paint “Pollice Verso” or “Thumb-down” from French artist Jean-Léon Gérôme created in 1872. The controversy on the reality of the thumb_down during gladiator time doesn’t matter because the public still have the right to save or kill a life…

What is important to me, is how the public, anonymous persons, can have the right on penalty death on an unknown person trying to save his life. How can people make their own opinion on a situation and decide how it will end or continue? Gladiatorial is a combat but before everything an entertainment. Gladiators are looking for opportunities and self-promotion. Public make them famous or not.

How weird is our time which, through social media, seems to replicate the same entertainments with the brutalities. Is human being changed in two thousand years?

We observe exactly the same mechanism on social media. In one hand few people make incredible things trying to get famous, earn money and in a way promote themselves. In the other hand, unknown people, debate, talk, judge, observe, look and decide with the thumb (or common social media language) to like or dislike any content, any post, any page… any person.

We’s have seen how far can people go on social media and the power of the public on it.

Is social media the new arena for modern gladiatorial?


Minghao Zong

The Light

Light, symbolizing life, happiness, hope, justice and sacredness, conveys the most glorious and spectacular impression to mankind. While it has a guiding role, it can also cause the instinctive excitement and joy of all things of life. But we are at home with mobile phones in our hands, so where is the hope of mankind now? Where does this light lead us? Maybe in the next generation.


Piyapong Bhumichitra

Ghosts of Bankok

Bangkok is a city of animism where supernatural beings dwell in both natural and constructed objects. Tales of ghosts and superstitions are parts of our everyday life. There are two types of land spirits whose a majority of Thais believes in; Deity of the Land and Lord of the Place.

The blue ghosts seen in the poster represent the spirits in everyday sights throughout the city, the noble landlords who possess acres after acres of land. We, as Bangkok’s ordinary people, can do nothing apart from watching them and paying for taxes and rents to them for the rest of our lives.


Toshifumi Kawaguchi

Radioactive Milk

Nuclear disaster contaminates many food such as milk, mushrooms, fish, vegetables, meats, fruits, rice, tea and etc. Once it happens, it will make the nature continue to be contaminated because of long half-lives of radioactive materials (those of Sr-90 and Cs-137 are about 30 years). Unstable damaged Fukushima nuclear power plants still emit radioactive materials to the environment. I live in Tokyo, and like many other people I have had fears for invisible radiation since last year, which was often invoked when I thought what to eat. I have expressed in this poster what I have felt in this pessimistic daily life. Nuclear power is very destructive to both the nature and our lives.



Konstruktiver Wandler


Annika Hänni

We Will Grill A Ball

No description!




Linnéa Logge

Consumption – coping mechanism for inner emptiness

We‘re consuming non-stop. Only because we have the possibility to.
Instead of grappling with our discontentedness we buy stuff that we don‘t even need.
We consume to compensate the condition of feeling empty.
The use of stained and strong colours call the viewers attention.
On the first sight it seems amusing and fun to spot more and more things.
After a while the overfill starts to produce overstimulation in order to thought-provoking.


Elmer Sosa

Female Genital Mutilation

Despite years of globalization, the genital female mutilation, it still continues as a ritual of great importance in countries in africa,  some of them in the middle east, in communities of asia, north america, latin america and europe.

The rights of women are violated since their childhood, inherits the girl, by a single tradition; death disease chronicles, psychological trauma, countless irreversible damage for life.

This poster requires a high female genital mutilation stop,  and women have the right to decide on her  body, on her  way of thinking, and about their well-being, fortunately, mexico is a country that no count with alarming number in this mutilation genital ritual, and not to suffer this problematic in mexico don´t  forced us  to limit ourselves to do not demonstrate this problem, this poster is a cry of support for them, the women who have been mutilated and at the same time a protest cry for those who are still practicing this action.


Verena Mack

Human Parasite

The poster announces the annihilation of the world caused by humans. The poster humorously references Posters of classic Monster Films. Because the scariest Monster of them all is not the next Godzilla but the human. In our time of the Anthropocene, he chews his way through the world while drooling all over the place. The legs and arms of the parasite wrap greedily around the world while it slowly melts. Shortage of resources, climate change and species extinction have become common problems, which require more radical actions. Because the end of the world will not happen dramatically like in a disaster movie, but slowly with every day the world is exploited by humans to the point of maximum profit.


Leander Aßmann

Surveillance Act

YES WE SCAN! Sounds quite right, but obviously isn’t. President Obama’s claim changed its true meaning tragically overnight, when the whistle was finally blown. Mind the Gap!


Michał Matoszko

Bad Poster

A poster based on a motif taken from the classic pop album cover – Michael Jackson’s Bad. I was inspired by characteristic pose, the title of the record and the singer’s penetrating look. When I thought about the series of Bad Posters, it was the first, completely natural idea that came to my mind. Punk, anarchist use and transformation of an existing theme, taken from pop culture. I simplify motif, leave only black shape and mysterious look. I tried to create mysterious, slightly grotesque, dark image with high power, simplicity and use appearance of a cult and controversial vocalist.


Elham Hemmat

Life is not a battlefield

Solutions instead of fighting and arguing!
In this work fighting men and women are compared with poultry. Problems shouldn´t be resolved through fighting, but peaceful consultation.


Andrew Lewis



Rikke Hansen

Fucking Fun(damental)

Over 70 years ago the fundamental human rights were enshrined by the United Nations for every human being on the planet – Yet almost everywhere around the world, women and girls are still denied them, often simply because of their gender. Ranging from the right to live free from violence and discrimination – including domestic violence, sexual assault, forced marriage, trafficking and awful practices such as female genital mutilation. To the right to be educated; to own property; to vote; to run for office; to earn an equal wage.


Mahtola Wittmer, Siiri Tännler, Capsara Flury


Menschen neigen dazu, Schwächere zu ihren Gunsten auszubeuten. In jedem von uns steckt ein kleines Stück dieses Menschenpopcorn fressenden, gesichtslosen Monsters.


Roland Straller

Animal Farms

The Wiesenhof brand uses the image of a small country house on a green field, with a few trees, to promote their products. It is meant to sell the idea of idyllic farms and happy chickens. Through extensive marketing the brand is very well-known in Germany, calling itself “the #1 poultry brand”. Every third chicken eaten is from Wiesenhof. The PHW-Group, which owns Wiesenhof, is the #1 animal exploitation company in Germany, and third largest in Europe regarding chicken farming, poultry raising and chicken slaughter. Every week this group slaughters around 4,5 million chickens.



Andreas Golde

Fiscal Compact

Is it about the currency or the human?


Timo Meyer

If it bleeds, it leads

Action und Panik haben sich im Nachrichtengeschäft schon immer am besten verkauft, ganz nach dem Motto “If it bleeds, it leads”. Was mich enorm stört, ist dabei jedoch die immer aktivere Rolle der Nachrichtensender, die sich längst nicht mehr auf die reine Berichterstattung beschränken. Statt nur zu beobachten, betätigen sie oftmals sozusagen selbst den Abzug – ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste.



Libertas, Securitas, Justitia

“Libertas, Securitas, Justitia” lautet das Motto der EU-Grenzschutzagentur Frontex.
Ihre Einsätze im Mittelmeerraum sind völkerrechtlich bedenklich und reduzieren dieses Motto auf einen einzigen Begriff:
Sicherheit um jeden Preis.


Edyta Kurc

Golden Boy

Basic salary, tray, baptisms, weddings, funerals and carols – those are sources of priests earnings. But according to what they say, they earn as much as doctors and pay ten times lower taxes. That sound pretty good. Divine life!



East meets West

East meets West’ by Gorilla is a comment on the clash of Western and Middle East culture. In the West, there has been a lot of discussion about prohibiting traditional Eastern clothing like the burqa and the niqab. There seems to be a fear of the anonymous. On the other end of the scale, exhibitionism, voyeurism and pornography is becoming an increasingly dominant part of Western culture. One can question oneself what is more offending to the other.


Kai Bergmann

All a lie

The Poster has two levels of meaning:
A direct one – when the poster – surrounded by advertising messages – sticks on a billboard.
And an epistemological one – on the critical definition of the objectivity of the »Radical Constructivism«.
But a good poster explains itself.


NEU Designbüro

I know i haven’t updated in a while

This poster deals with the way we depict ourselves on social media. It exaggerates the idea of losing oneself when not online.


Payam Abdolsamadi

Is Silvio Berlusconi gone?

Populists are increasing throughout the Europe from different parties. Their success is symptomatic of the weakness of European political parties and party systems.


Frank Ortmann


Truth is difficult where anyone is easily satisfied.


Leos Olpp

Letter to the bees

If we can’t keep the bees we will lose our ecosystem. So please, don’t let them leave because of us.


Martina Windrich

Drowning in Plastic

The increasing amount of plastic in our oceans changes the life of millions of sea creatures. They are literally drowning in plastic. Therefore, this idea raises the question how long it may take until this flood of plastic will be washed to our shores and drown humanity? Do not ignore the threats of plastic for our planet just because you do not see it.


Vincenzo Fagnani

The capital

The end of an era narrated through the fall of a vincible superhero.
An icon of the 20th century showing his visual strength for the last time before the crash.
A logo immortalized in the moment, this means changes.