Julia Löffler


In Turkey activists and journalists are arrested and silenced.



East meets West

East meets West’ by Gorilla is a comment on the clash of Western and Middle East culture. In the West, there has been a lot of discussion about prohibiting traditional Eastern clothing like the burqa and the niqab. There seems to be a fear of the anonymous. On the other end of the scale, exhibitionism, voyeurism and pornography is becoming an increasingly dominant part of Western culture. One can question oneself what is more offending to the other.


Christophe Gaudard

I’m watching you

Mickey spies children without parental consent The Walt Disney company has been fined to pay 3 millions dollars after that the Federal Trade Commission discovered that the Walt Disney company collected illegally informations about children registered on a children Disney website. About 1 million of children are concerned. This informations were used and published by an another Walt Disney online games website. For the americans laws, a website needs the parental consent if it want to collect, use or publish them. The FTC was very strong on this subject, telling that this kind of infractions are very serious and severely punished.

The poster shows an another unknown face of Walt Disney. Mickey is black, dirty, frightening with this big dripping sentence written on it, taken from the fiction “1984″ written by Georges Orwell telling the story of a supervised, secured and undercontrol society. This poster speaks about an another aspect of the “wonderful world of Walt Disney”!


Daniel Kreutz

Olympics – Only authentic with rings!

Wrestling belongs to the Olympic Games, as the rings to the Olympic symbol.


Fabian Krauss

72 virgins

Brainwashed, blinded and fueled by tantalizing promises, everyone could become a controllable and faceless extremist.


Peter Brücker


Immanuel Kant, Voltaire, David Hasselhoff, Joachim Gauck, James Doakes, …


Mario Kupcevsky


There are so many problems in this world that need our attention and will to change. But we focus on a poor group of people fleeing violence and war, whilst our society is being dismantled by powerful interest groups and our environment is going down the drain for profit of the very same groups. We need to focus instead of listening to self-invested politicians and profit oriented media. We also tend to forget that everything is connected and all the issues can not be seen individually – but together. Most of the blurred words amongst others are direct causes for the refugees in focus.


Alexander Govoni

Killed by Police

In 2014, black male teenagers between15-19, were killed nine times more  by law enforcement officers in the U.S. than white males in that age range.


Niklaus Troxler

You are unique!

Many Internet, Facebook and Twitter users are reckless and irresponsible with their personal data. The consequences are often devastating.


Sebastian Schellenberger

Happy Holidays

Consciousness for climate change is constantly growing. But while we’re willing to make small changes in our everyday lives, there are still many areas that remain completely untouched in their immense carbon dioxide emission. Many people commute to work in order to save greenhouse gasses, but book a transatlantic flight for their hippie-holiday in Thailand. And while it’s the most poolutive way of travel, airtravel makes up only 2% of worldwide greenhouse gas emmision. We need to think bigger then buying bio.


Niko Singer


According to Wikipedia, there are more than 30 ongoing military conflicts all over the world – excluding riots like the current ones in Turkey. Most of the conflicts are still faded out from public attention, even though social media puts us into the position of observers and confidants.


Marina Gaertner


„Wutbürger“ wurde zum Wort des Jahres 2010 gewählt. Mein Plakat gibt den Passanten nun die Möglichkeit, selbst zu einem zu werden und ihre eigene Meinung öffentlich zu machen. Nur Mut!


Monika Aichele

Me and all the things I love

We create our own world.
Our little universe.
A world of self-centered individualists.


Mariano Cerrella

Mass Destruction

The industry entertainment is functional to the industry of death. This poster attempts to denounce the frivolity of human pain, the human misery commercialized as mass entertainment.


Kai Bergmann

All a lie

The Poster has two levels of meaning:
A direct one – when the poster – surrounded by advertising messages – sticks on a billboard.
And an epistemological one – on the critical definition of the objectivity of the »Radical Constructivism«.
But a good poster explains itself.


Si In Lo

Fair Treatment

The right to be treated fairly by people who are in all positions of authority, even any gender is needed to be respect.


Kathrin Scheller

Discount Carrier

Discount priced weekend or shopping trips via airplane have become part of life in Europe, but this is very bad for the climate. This hasn’t stopped us from flying more and more year after year. If the prices stay this low, the price we all must pay will be enormous.


Bianca Consiglio

Sea Holiday

The poster represents the contradiction between the Mediterranean sea as a holiday destination for people living in well-being and the sea as a place of death for the refugees and the desperate who cross it in search of a better life. On the inflatable mat of a charming pink a white woman sunbathes with sunglasses indifferent to corpses on the seabed. In the same way the well-being of the first world floats on the exploitation of the poorest areas of the world.


André Baldinger



Steffen Bergemann

Fair play – FUCK OFF

Die Idee für mein Plakat entstand während der Präsidentschaftskandidatur Sepp Blatters für eine vierte Amtszeit als FIFA-Präsident.

Die FIFA stellt sich gerne als völkerverbindender, die Kulturen einender, Global Player dar. Was hinter verschlossenen Türen geschieht, hat allerdings nichts mit einem weltoffenen Unternehmen zu tun. Skurrile Entscheidungen werden von einem erlesenen Kreis von Funktionären getroffen: Die WM-Vergabe an Katar oder der Bau riesiger Stadien ohne nachhaltigen Nutzen für die Bevölkerung Südafrikas sind Beispiele dafür. Hier scheint es nur um das schnelle Geschäft und um maximalen Profit zu gehen. Die Korruptionsvorwürfe wollen nicht verstummen. Doch Kritik wird nicht geduldet, das System um jeden Preis erhalten.

Die Idee des globalen FAIR PLAY wird zum leeren Marketingversprechen. FUCK OFF ist meine Antwort darauf. Sie steht gleichzeitig für die Haltung der FIFA ihrem eigenem Claim gegenüber: Blatter hat ihn zu einer zynischen Worthülse degradiert.


Claudia Wieczorek

Deadly waves

My poster shows a whale being symbolically cut into pieces by sound waves.
The noise exposure under water is constantly increasing; cargo ships, navy sonar systems, the installation of offshore wind parks, ships looking for oil and gas, altogether form an immensely, continuous noise.  Whales and other water creatures are losing their orientation, as they are communicating by ultrasound and their orientation is disturbed.
Hence they are driven away from reproduction and nutrition places, lose their group, some get deaf. Whole schools of whales stranded after seismic examinations and sonar experiments, used in order to find oil. The animals concerned die in a torturous way, and are finally found with internal bleedings and damaged acoustic organs at our beaches.
They tried, without any orientation, to flee from the acoustic noise surrounding them.


Burkhard Hauke


Reicher Mann und armer Mann
standen da und sah´n sich an.
Und der Arme sagte bleich:
‚Wär ich nicht arm, wärst du nicht reich.’

(Bertolt Brecht)


Tobias Röttger, Susanne Stahl & Bernhard Schmitt


How can you seriously be upset about ingredients in food, if you are not willing to pay a fair price for it?


Anja Rausch

Hart wie Kruppstahl / As Hard as Steel

Hitlers quote about the german boy is well known all over the world. It is both naive and lowbrow at the same time.


Michał Matoszko

Bad Poster

A poster based on a motif taken from the classic pop album cover – Michael Jackson’s Bad. I was inspired by characteristic pose, the title of the record and the singer’s penetrating look. When I thought about the series of Bad Posters, it was the first, completely natural idea that came to my mind. Punk, anarchist use and transformation of an existing theme, taken from pop culture. I simplify motif, leave only black shape and mysterious look. I tried to create mysterious, slightly grotesque, dark image with high power, simplicity and use appearance of a cult and controversial vocalist.


Johnny Xu


The background why I created it: The most of people in the world long for a peaceful and happy life without guns and blood. But to be the different Union there are different conflicts of interest, in this situation, some super nations arbitrary interfere others. For example the Iraq War 2007 and today’s Syrian War.


Maryam Khaleghi Yazdi

Chernobyl’s Gifts

One of the most important question in the world that doesn’t have any answer is: How much does it cost to develop the world? Please see the costs at this poster and judge!


Vahid Hosseinkhani

Maintain a safe driving distance!

Many people die each year in multiple car crashes, because the necessary driving distance is not being respected.


Damla Polat

Plastic Ocean

Global disaster made by mankind.


Christopher Scott

Dead Leaf

A dead leaf in the shape of South America and the holes in the leaf represent the deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.