Weiqiang Tang


The poster design is inspired by “gravity”. The bullets fired by terrorists fly around the earth under the action of gravity, and finally hit themselves, so as to reflect the war starting from evil, and finally It’s still me who eats back.


Xinyi Guo

Karl Marx

Karl Marx analyzed that the capitalist mode of production is driven by greed and creates injustice. Capitalists never learned their lesson.


Jie-Fei Yang

Love me back

May all the love you’ve given away come back to you soon!


Dominik Schumacher

The bloated

To grin and bear it.



Libertas, Securitas, Justitia

“Libertas, Securitas, Justitia” lautet das Motto der EU-Grenzschutzagentur Frontex.
Ihre Einsätze im Mittelmeerraum sind völkerrechtlich bedenklich und reduzieren dieses Motto auf einen einzigen Begriff:
Sicherheit um jeden Preis.


Michael Allocca

Everything legal. Everything clean.

Don´t worry. You can be sure that German authorities and agencies will pursue their work with absolute thoroughness and order. All work procedures are kept to as required, so an archiving of all files and records in an exemplary manner can be guaranteed.


Christain Koerbel

Reality check

Faster! When do we finally arrive?


Kerstin Lauks

We did nothing

In recent months, the work of sea rescuers has been made incredibly difficult by the Corona pandemic. While inaction on one front ensured falling infection figures, missions on the Mediterranean came to a complete standstill at times. Many states even took restrictive measures against non-governmental teams of sea rescuers. Allowing people to die on the Mediterranean Sea in order to further the isolation of Europe and to fight political power struggles is intolerable and speaks against any humanity.


Manuel Gensheimer

Reality reminder

This poster is a quick reminder in the name of reality.
Lift your head and cross the thin line between screen life and real life. You won’t regret it.


Joy-Fabienne Enzmann

Make some space

Women earn less for the same work and the same qualifications.
Women are sexualized in the media and in everyday life.
Women mostly take care of children or the sick without being paid.
Women are more often affected by poverty in old age.
Women experience sexualized and/or domestic violence more often.
Women still do not have the same rights as men.
Women are less represented in politics and leadership positions.

In order to change something, equal rights are needed.

Therefore — men — make some space!


Yossi Lemel

Black April


Marcel Réz


The poster reflects the inequality between social classes. In this dog-eat-dog world, whoever is wealthier and has a bigger influence reigns over those who are inferior, and the “superiors” can enforce their rights more easily against the others, thus keeping them suppressed.


Andrew Lewis



Christophe Gaudard

I’m watching you

Mickey spies children without parental consent The Walt Disney company has been fined to pay 3 millions dollars after that the Federal Trade Commission discovered that the Walt Disney company collected illegally informations about children registered on a children Disney website. About 1 million of children are concerned. This informations were used and published by an another Walt Disney online games website. For the americans laws, a website needs the parental consent if it want to collect, use or publish them. The FTC was very strong on this subject, telling that this kind of infractions are very serious and severely punished.

The poster shows an another unknown face of Walt Disney. Mickey is black, dirty, frightening with this big dripping sentence written on it, taken from the fiction “1984″ written by Georges Orwell telling the story of a supervised, secured and undercontrol society. This poster speaks about an another aspect of the “wonderful world of Walt Disney”!


Laura Lauber

Leave the Everyday Behind

In this absurd and strange situation worlds collide. On the one hand you see tourists, looking for pleasure and relaxation and on the other hand refugees, risking their lives to escape war, persecution and distress. A scene where suffering of the „aliens“ cannot be ignored. The question is, however, why a legal and secure entry is not allowed to such people seeking protection.


Ulrike Würfel


It is the second largest continent of the world. More than people live here, spread over 54 different countries. Its territory covers about 30.200.000 km² and is split up into 6 time zones. More than 2000 languages are spoken on this continent. But still, over and over again, we only talk about “Africa”.


Nina Hanzelic


Let’s face it: between part-time, care work and housework, mothers actually work full-time. No one cares if they have the tools, the time or a team to support them. Even the day off is used to finally organize medical appointments, buy a birthday present for the kids’ party on Saturday, look for bigger shoes, put away the clean laundry pile and get a new sunscreen.

Actually, mommy is just an acronym for do. Unnoticed and unpaid, of course.


Claudia Wieczorek

Deadly waves

My poster shows a whale being symbolically cut into pieces by sound waves.
The noise exposure under water is constantly increasing; cargo ships, navy sonar systems, the installation of offshore wind parks, ships looking for oil and gas, altogether form an immensely, continuous noise.  Whales and other water creatures are losing their orientation, as they are communicating by ultrasound and their orientation is disturbed.
Hence they are driven away from reproduction and nutrition places, lose their group, some get deaf. Whole schools of whales stranded after seismic examinations and sonar experiments, used in order to find oil. The animals concerned die in a torturous way, and are finally found with internal bleedings and damaged acoustic organs at our beaches.
They tried, without any orientation, to flee from the acoustic noise surrounding them.


Designbüro Frankfurt


Groceries in Germany are too cheap (especially compared to other countries), still too many people complain about the prizes.
– Say nein! to ja!


Deutsch name

test beitrag


Deutsch land

Erich Brechbühl

Too Big


Miangliang Li


In many Islamic countries women rights are suppressed, there are too many rules and they have to dress in overall burkas that look like restraining cages, exposing only eyes that resemble a small prison window revealing a trace of light. This appeal is intended to loosen the restrictions on women.


Yuese Chen

Love me, set me free

Do not make meticulous care to be their cage.


Dominik Antoni Krolikowski


With my piece, I wanted to make a layout that could give a distant feeling of what it’s like to suffer from the disease. As a visual realization, especially in background with the contest for Mut zur Wut, I was looking for a way to bring the topic to an understandable point and with the help of which you can put yourself a little bit into the depressive state. My experiences with depression have led me to make a personal contribution to this topic. On the one hand, I wanted to tell those affected that they are not alone with their feelings and to give people who find it difficult to put themselves in this position a visual clue: Look, the world is hidden behind it (or a good poster;-), but it is not available to you. Be brave! Talk about it.


Beiting Jiang

Biological Evolution

This work uses fingers and animals to combine graphic creativity. Because of the destruction of the nature of human beings, the killing of living things, so the creatures continue to evolve, mutate into colorful colors, but also grow human hands, in an attempt to resist this evil. Hope to warn people not to kill animals, care about the current global environmental problems.


Zoé Hall

Form Follows Function

People are reduced to superficialities, which have nothing to do with the natural course of events. The (western) beauty ideal detaches itself from the original function of the human organism. This example refers to men, but the principle obviously counts for women too.


Toan Vu-Huu



Piotr Depta-Kleśta

Ecce Homo

This poster is a commentary on the condition of the modern human. We are so very virtual.


Moises Romero

Education for all

We need to find solutions for making sure that no children are excluded from schooling, educative systems, poverty alleviation, human rights.


Zhongjun Yin

Pray for peace

“War and peace” is an eternal issue facing mankind in the past, present and future. At present, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to intensify, and the potential “nuclear crisis” under the confrontation and arms race between major powers is touching Pandora’s box, and the alarm bell has already sounded. “Peace” requires the common wisdom of mankind…